Thursday 2 January 2014

Christmas, New Year, and a Welcome

Hello! I can predict that as my first blog post this will be a long(ish) one, as I feel I must make introductions. I'm Emily, I'm 17, I'm from Scotland, and I'm very new to the blogging world. What's that phrase again, "long time reader, first time writing"? Because that's the situation I'm in right now. For the longest time I've been wanting to start a blog, but I've always been too scared to. However, the New Year Resolution hype caught me up, and I want to start taking more chances and doing things because I want to. No more, "I really want to do [insert wonderful plan here] but I don't know..." rubbish, it's time to start living.

I plan to blog about fashion mostly, although I do find writing about myself can be therapeutic, so for now I won't create a niche to be stuck in. On my Tumblr and Instagram I often post OOTDs, but I don't really go into as much detail as I would like to, and feel this is a better place to do that. To kick start I'd like to show you my Christmas Day outfit.

As you can see, my family went for a clothing theme this year. My deep red dress is from New Look and necklace from H&M. I really struggle to find dresses that fit my waist and aren't too long (I'm very petite - that's a story for another day) but this one fits perfectly! Moving on to New Year's Eve, and I went for a more casual outfit.
I went for this gorgeous silver velvet skirt from Topshop (still available) gifted to me from my parents, and a black 3/4 sleeve top I've had for a long time from H&M. I wore the same necklace from H&M, and some rings from Topshop, although they can't be seen in this photo. I also wore some sparkly black heels from Missguided, not pictured. It's a very simple outfit but I think the jewellery makes it party appropriate!

And so, on that note I shall end my first blog post. I promise not every one will be as long as this! And I shall be using my camera from now on, unfortunately the only photographs taken of my outfits this time round were on phones.

Why not leave me any suggestions of what you would like to see? Or how about letting me know what you wore while celebrating this holiday season?
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