Sunday 26 January 2014

Spotlight Item // Romwe Studded Ankle Boots

Another spotlight item that I probably couldn't live without: this time being my Romwe boots. They have been featured in an OOTD style post on here, but I felt more detail was in order. I wear these boots all the time because 1. They go with everything and 2. They are SO comfy. And when I say all the time I really do mean that when I leave the house, there is about a 95% chance I will be wearing these.

The boots aren't real leather (they're PU) but they are very soft while being durable and waterproof. They are also so light - when the box arrived at my door I honestly thought there wasn't anything in it! I have trouble wearing super flat shoes because they hurt my feet, so I always like to go for a thick sole. And, being short, I love that these give me height on a day to day basis. The studs are actually quite sharp though so be warned - you can see in these photos that they've dented the sole where I've obviously been resting both of my feet together. I don't mind though, I like the worn look.

However, speaking of the worn look, although there are very minor flaws showing through now, (and in hindsight I should have washed these before taking photos, sorry) I've worn these constantly for over 4 months now and they're still in great condition. Being black and the perfect mix between causal and dressy, they can be warn for almost every occasion: dressed up or dressed down. I think they look particularly nice with lace or glittery ankle socks.

These studded boots are running very low in stock right now, but I've still included a link because Romwe tend to restock popular items. So, what do you think of my favourite boots? Do you have a pair you wear all the time?
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