Friday 18 August 2017

Why You Should Change Your Hair... Now

Ok, maybe ignore the title of this post if you're super happy with your hair right now. But for those of you who are considering a chop or dye job and can't decide whether to go ahead with it or not, this one is for you...

I've never been too scared to change my hair. I've had it down to my waist, chopped up to my chin, with one of those swoopy side fringes, a thick block fringe, a centre parting, brown, blonde, silver, pink, roots, no roots, you get it. Hair is hair, and it's one of the easiest things you can change. Often when I'm feeling restless or trapped in my life, the first thing I want to change is my hair. I either cut it or dye it, or both, and although it's not like it will be a magical life-changing experience, it is usually an experience which leads to more confidence or just a new lease of life.

I dabbled with ombre and dip dye in my brunette locks before taking the plunge about two years ago to dye it all blonde. And you know what? It's one of the best decisions I ever made. Superficial, yes, but still an amazing choice if I do say so myself. I love how my favourite makeup looks with blonde hair, and I feel like I can pull off much bolder fashion choices because I've got bolder hair. And, when I have it cropped to shoulder level I just feel so sassy and I can get away with styling it my way - a bit messy.

So, what's the point of this post? I got a haircut and my roots touched up and want to show it off. Kidding! It's to try and move you indecisive guys to change your hairstyle. Dye it a crazy colour, or a natural colour, chop it off, even just change your parting! Like I said before, hair is hair and it's as easy to change it back as it is to change it in the first place. It grows back, it can be dyed over, it can be restyled. This time when picking out which toner I wanted on my hair I strayed away from my usual ash blonde and opted for this shade which gives a kind of pearl effect. The pinkish tinge will fade but I'll be left with a pale blonde and you know what - I've never been happier with my colour. I feel like it's so me. When my hair dresser was drying my hair we were both squealing over how pretty the colour is! I always went for an ashy blonde because that's what I've seen other women rock, but in reality I think this is much more to my taste. A tiny hint of colour, but still kind of natural, and totally cool. In my opinion.

Hair is such a personal thing (how many times can I use the word 'hair' in one post...?) but I do think some people worry about it too much. I think everyone should have more fun with their locks, and feel excited to try something new. Is there a hairstyle you've been lusting after for ages? Maybe you should give it a shot.
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