Saturday 12 August 2017

My Summer Shoe Wardrobe

I do love shoes, but I've never really been a Shoe Person. I tend to buy a pair then wear them to death, then move onto the next pair. And, I'm normally a black ankle boots lover. But when summer comes around those guys just don't cut it. When I'm not in trainers I need something that's lighter and a tad dressier, so along come summer shoes...

My River Island espadrilles have been all over my blog right now because my outfits from Barcelona are slowly rolling out. These were the only shoes I packed apart from my Superstars which I travelled in, because I had hand luggage only and didn't have room for multiple pairs! I love the look of espadrilles but have always found them uncomfortable as they rub my feet, but these sandals are so comfortable to wear. They have a bit of height on them which I love but not so high that I'm tottering around. Plus, the soles have a proper tread on them which is quite rare for a sandal! I think of these as my casual shoes - I know they have a heel but I think the rope on espadrilles makes any pair look casual and effortless.

I actually bought these Topshop blush/nude sandals last year (here is a similar pair from this season). I won't lie, I can't wear them for a whole day without the front strap rubbing my toes, but for a few hours at a time I love them. They look really chic and I love them both dressed up and down - particularly with jeans. Also, I'm not the biggest fan of feet so often go for styles that kind of cover mine, but something about these shoes actually makes me really like how my feet look, weirdly enough! They're a good pair to slip into a bag for parties once you're sick of your tall heels because they're so compact but still gorgeous.

And finally, I've got a pair of heels. I bought these Topshop taupe heels after seeing Suzie wearing them at her YSL Masterclass in Glasgow. I actually only own two pairs of heels (that aren't ankle boots) but they're both black so I don't love wearing them in the summer. It's really nice having a lighter pair that's also a neutral and can be worn with pretty much everything! They're also super comfortable because again, they're not too tall and are essentially a flatform style. I can see these being my go-to heels. Yes, even over my classic black ones. 
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