Tuesday 1 August 2017

The August Post

July started with me coming back from a lovely holiday, had me moving home for a few weeks while I'm between leases, and ended with me getting ready to move into my new flat. In between all the moving about, I was searching for jobs, buying pretty clothes, working on the Freshers issue of Magdalen, and generally just trying to organise my life. How one person can have so many belongings, I'll never know. Anyway, here's a look at the month ahead...

Moving >> Hopefully this is the last time I'll mention moving for the foreseeable future! Apart from decorating because, y'know, interiors are a new love. My new lease starts on the 4th so it's only a few days until I get to head back to my home away from home. I'm actually really excited to get back to Dundee, as I love the city during summer. It really is the sunniest place in Scotland (sometimes).

Clothes >> I feel like I've hit my stride in my personal style recently. Style is ever-evolving so I know it sounds silly to say that, but I've been so happy with purchases I've made recently and I think it's because I'm finally letting myself buy the stuff I really want. I wrote a post about this very topic recently if you'd like to give it a read. This month, I want to show these items I love on the blog, and just wear them in general!

Photography >> I'm really pleased with the photos we took while on holiday - both my own and the outfit ones which my lovely sister helped me with. The trip made me fall in love with photography all over again, and I'm really keen to buy a new lens for my camera to help me take the photos exactly how I envisage them. The outfits I've been taking are decent, but I'd love that blurry background, y'know? August may be the month I finally buy the lens I've been dreaming of!
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