Saturday 1 July 2017

The July Post

So June was a weird month. I handed my notice in at work, booked a holiday (which I'm currently on!) and finally started packing up my bedroom in the flat I can't stand. It was filled with some gorgeous sunny days but also some downpours in which aforementioned work flooded. So, while I sun myself - thank heavens for scheduled posts - here's a look at the month ahead...

Moving >> Half way through July I'll get to move out. Unfortunately I can't move in to my new flat until the first week of August, so there will be some added extra stress moving all my belongings to Glasgow and then back again, but I still cannot wait. I'm so excited to leave this place behind (read this post for more context) and also to start a new chapter in my life.

Writing >> I've loved having the time to make content for this blog again. And writing for here has also inspired me to write more - more creative pieces, and also because I'm the Fashion Editor for my uni's magazine again in 4th year! Our first deadlines of the year are in a couple days so we can get a Fresher's issue out, and so I've been working on content for there too. All in all, a lot of writing!

Jobs >> I absolutely cannot stand applying for jobs, but alas, I'm doing it. Due to the store I work in closing down next month, I've decided to move on and unfortunately that means a lot of dreary applications and nerve-wracking interviews. No luck yet as of writing this post, but fingers crossed that I find somewhere soon! 

Summer fashion >> Oh boy guys, I am obsessed with summer clothing. I always talk about how much I love A/W fashion but I think S/S is winning me over. I'm looooving red, black, white and blue as my summer palette, and I feel like this is the most confident summer I've had clothing wise. It's so refreshing to feel comfortable and cute in the heat rather than like a sweaty potato, so I'm a happy chap. Expect more outfit posts with my favourite finds! 
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