Monday 10 July 2017

Barcelona in Snapshots

Of course I had to put a post together about my trip to Barcelona! I wouldn't call this a guide, as I've not got a big list of everything we did, but I do still want to share the trip and offer a few suggestions (and an excuse to share pretty photos). I've tried to limit the pictures as much as possible but it's such a gorgeous place, I couldn't resist throwing a lot in! It was a lovely trip and I really want to go back already, so it was fun to reminisce over the sights. Here goes...

On our first full day we decided to do the classic tourist option of taking a bus tour, to suss out all the places we wanted to go to over the next few days. It was a couple hours in the morning, spent snapping all the sights. In the late afternoon we went on a Gaudi Walking Tour to see the architect's amazing work dotted throughout the city. It was about two and a half hours and so interesting and enjoyable. In the evening we decided to jump on the other tour bus to take a long scenic route home - it was definitely long because we got stuck in traffic and were on there for about three hours!

The second day we decided to explore Las Ramblas, the rest of the Gothic Quarter, and to head to the seafront. It was a very chilled day as we meandered through the streets, surprisingly not with that much shopping! I did go into the Sephora which I believe was on Carrer de Pelai, of course, but I held strong and didn't buy anything - still not quite sure how I managed that.

The next day was Parc Guell day. I loved wandering around Gaudi's creation. There are so many gorgeous details and the intricate structure of the place is amazing - my engineer dad would be proud of me saying so! It was a super hot day so after our trek to the amazing view over Barcelona (the first photo of this post), we had a chilled afternoon until seeing the Magic Fountains show at night.

Our last day we finally got to visit the Sagrada Familia. Our flat was actually opposite the square where the church sits, so we were well acquainted with the outside and it was amazing to step indoors and see how Gaudi used light to this beautiful effect. It was so hard to pick photos here - it looks incredible from every angle so I had to resist uploading 50 photos. I've also got to shout out my favourite restaurant from our visit - Los Bellota. We went here twice, on our first day and last day, and had the most incredible tapas. My mouth is genuinely watering thinking about their sausage in wine sauce, oh my.

So there you go, a brief look at our trip to Barcelona. There are a whole host of restaurants and bars that I just can't remember the names of (I'm not a travel blogger, please forgive me) but I can attest that every place we went into was amazing - and they were all recommendations from locals. If you have any questions about Barcelona then leave them below! And look forward to posts about my outfits I wore while away...
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