Sunday 16 July 2017

The Bardot Dress of Dreams

This post is a shout out to all the people out there with big boobs who just can't wear bardot tops or dresses. You know the struggle - you can't wear them with a normal bra, strapless bras suck (or maybe that one is just on me!), and often going braless means a weird shapeless mess that ruins that style of the top. But your prayers have been answered folks, because this dress is a good'un...

I bought this dress on an ASOS order whim, fully expecting that I'd be sending it back. But as soon as I tugged it on I realised that it was the one. As I said before, I have to avoid the bardot trend because I just can't get them to look nice on me. But something about the mixture of the scuba fabric, the ruffles over the bust and the cut of the dress makes this one pretty special. I feel really secure without a bra on because the fabric really sucks you in, and the ruffle detail adds that feminine edge while hiding the fact that, I must stress once more, I am braless.

I've never worn scuba material before so was a little sceptical that it would be cool enough to wear in the Barcelona heat, but it was honestly perfect! The dress is nice and floaty and it just felt so effortlessly summery for a day of wandering round Las Ramblas and the rest of the Gothic Quarter.

I'm actually really tempted to order this in red. I'm of course back from my holiday now, but I feel like the bardot trend will be sticking around and I'm so won over!
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