Sunday, 11 May 2014

Daily Outfits // Heisenberg

Well, my love for Breaking Bad has travelled over to my wardrobe...

What I'm Wearing:
Top // Primark
Skirt // H&M
Jacket // Miss Selfridge
Boots // Topshop
Bag // H&M
Sunglasses // Forever 21

I had a very simple day of popping out to college for a class, followed by a quick trip to Tesco. Glamorous. So, I went for this very simple t-shirt and skirt combo, with my leather jacket thrown over the top and my favourite boots. All in all, not an exciting outfit, but I had to share my top (thank you Primark men's section)! Poor Walt's face is half covered though...
I had to show the full thing!

ALSO, as of this post I've only seen half way into series 4 of Breaking Bad so please, no spoilers!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous colour! I've not watched Breaking Bad yet (bad me;p) but hopefully i will catch the breaking bad bug soon! :) But fab outfit emily! x
    | Life as a Petite |

    1. Thank you very much! Ah don't worry, I started watching it far too late too, aha. It's brilliant though, you should give it a try ^_^

  2. Lovey outfit here chick - Love the colour on your skirt. Love anything BB related too! :-)

  3. Love this! Definitely the kind of outfit I'd wear, think I need to get myself that Heisenberg tee!

    1. Thanks! I've seen loads about but head to the Primark men's section if you can - it was only £6!


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