Friday 3 November 2017

The November Post

Oh October, I swear you were only a week long. I know everyone says it, but this year has gone by so fast and this month barely existed as far as I'm concerned! I sadly didn't get to go on my Amsterdam trip but I still managed to have a productive week off uni, although I'm wishing I'd found some time to relax too because this month is bound to be a stressful one. Here's what I've got going on...

Deadlines >> I have my final Creative Writing folio (it feels so weird typing that!) due at the end of this month, along with a mammoth research essay for my Victorian Literature module on the 4th of December. So, my month is going to be filled with a lot of Waterstones Cafe long-hauls to get all this writing done. I'm equal parts of nervous and excited about my folio this year - I have a strong theme but it's something which can go very cliche so I'm doing my best to avoid it. Wish me luck!

Shopping >> If you write about it, that counts as a reason to shop, eh? In all seriousness, A/W dressing is my absolute favourite, and so I'm allowing myself to indulge in a few bits to jazz up my winter wardrobe. I know I need to cool it on the jumpers so I'll try and avoid them, but I could do with some lightweight ones to wear under a pinafore I've just bought. I'm also thinking of something velvet or shiny (or both) as I have the 10th anniversary party for Magdalen Magazine at the start of December, and perhaps a beret too!

Creativity >> I talked about my Creative Writing folio already, but I also want to dedicate more of this month to being creative in general. I often find that to be inspired to write I have to be in a creative mindset in general, so I'm hoping to mess around more with my new camera lens, drawing, and styling different outfits. I'm looking at the 13,000 words I have due a month from now and feeling like I'll fail on this one, but I'm determined to try anyway!
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