Thursday 9 November 2017

Glitter Nails for Every Season

If you're like me, then you'll wear glitter nail polish all year round. However, I know some of you aren't so sparkle-inclined, and so here is my little suggestion for the glitter nails you can wear during this festive period, and every other season...

The groundbreaking advice? A coat or two of glitter polish over a bare nail. I particularly love using this holographic shade with chunky glitter, as it gives such a gorgeous frosty look that changes colour in different lights. While glitter looks gorgeous over whatever colour you choose, there is something about the bare nail underneath that looks so chic. It's subtle enough that most sparkle-phobes won't feel too extravagant, while still providing a beautiful glimmer.

This Essie shade is my absolute favourite, but I have also linked alternatives for you below! I'm so keen to snap these all up, it's by far my favourite way to paint my nails right now! Happy glitter-ing, folks.
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