Thursday 7 September 2017

How to Make a Rented Flat Feel Like Home

As you may already know, I recently moved flat and so I've been in full decorating mode. I've moved five times in the last four years between student accommodation and rented flats so I've gained quite the bit of experience in decorating those awful magnolia walls. My room doesn't look exactly how I'd want it to in a place I owned, but I am pretty happy with how I've made it a comfortable and inviting place. Here are my tips to stop your rented room feeling like an non-permanent place, and more like home...

Comforts >> It is key, after all. Nothing makes a place feel more like home than it being your comfy and cosy zone. As well as bedding perfect for snuggling down in, think about adding a throw to the bed or over a chair, and loading up on pillows and cushions. When I think of comfort I also think of scented candles to create a warming atmosphere, which leads to my next point...

Mood lighting >> Lighting is weirdly the most important step for me. I hate having bright light in my bedroom at night because I get headaches so easily, so I always like to have soft lighting. My favourite method is fairy lights. I have a ridiculous collection of plain old white fairy lights, to my big star and moon sets, to a super long 30M worth of twinkle lights. I even have a tiny set that looks like gemstones to cover my Crosley. It's a problem, I know. If fairy lights aren't your thing then go for a lamp of some sort - there are so many neon lamps which I love, or you could even go for a retro lava lamp like my boyfriend has in his room! And of course, the candles I mentioned before.

Wall art >> Cover those cream walls with artwork you love. It could be huge posters, some arty prints or typography, or even cards or postcards. If you're the creative type you could also stick your own drawings or paintings there - it will definitely define the place as yours! You'll get away with small pins in most rented places but if your landlord doesn't want any holes in their walls then invest in some washi tape: the paper tape holds your artwork up but won't stick rigidly to the walls, so no marks. Also it comes in a huuuge variety of colours, patterns and finishes so it looks cute.

Sentimentals >> Of course, no home is a home without your sentimental items. Maybe you've got some photos printed that you can stick up with your artwork, or some framed ones to sit on your desk. You can also do what I've done and get your photos printed onto what looks like polaroids - perfect for making your photos look retro! Sentimental items doesn't just mean photos though, you can also decorate with your knick-knacks. Display ornaments or awards - anything that means something to you and gives you good vibes when you look at it!

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