Tuesday 7 March 2017

Throwback >> Making a Midi Skirt Casual

No, Scotland didn't just get a magical and warm makeover - these are a bunch of photos I found on my camera from the summer of '16, when I was visiting Boston. I loved the outfit so much that I just had to share, as it's something I'll be wearing again as soon as the weather heats up a bit...

Midi skirts are super easy to dress up, but it can be a bit of a challenge to dress them down. I wore this outfit on a day of wandering around the city of Boston, so I wanted something light and airy, opting for a simple t-shirt tucked in with Adidas Superstars for comfort and to keep things casual. The accessories were of course mirrored shades and my beloved blush nude bag to tie the pinks in the skirt together. 

I really struggle to find midi skirts that actually look nice on me. Either they are too long for petite me, or they sit on my hips awkwardly - especially the gorgeous ones that come in pleated metallic fabric. They will sadly never be mine. But I love the style of this one: it has a thin waistband then sticks out a little as it falls down over the hips, making this a more flattering shape for me.

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