Saturday 4 March 2017

My Favourite Pixi Skintreats

I've been a fan of Pixi skincare for a good while now. It started with the infamous Glow Tonic, and since I've built up quite the collection of products from the brand. Everything is very no fuss and gets the job done, and I love how simple and pretty the packaging is! Here are my top picks...

Glow Tonic >> It had to be mentioned. This is a cult skincare classic, and for good reason. Morning and night I soak a cotton pad and sweep this over my face, and it leaves my skin looking fresh and glowy. I was without this for about a week recently and I honestly noticed such a difference, so I'm happy to have it back in my life. It worked miracles on keeping my skin bright and even.

Hydrating Milky Mist >> I'm a fan of most face mists I've tried, but this is one I've repurchased multiple times. I usually apply the super fine mist on my face straight after cleansing to add an extra layer of hydration, and I often spritz it throughout the day if I'm sitting at my desk to feel refreshed. It also works really well over makeup, and I sometimes spritz it if I've gone a bit OTT with foundation and want it sheered out a little. 

Glow Mist >> Another mist from the brand, this one I love to apply after my moisturiser and before applying makeup. It does add such a glow to the skin, and some extra moisture that just makes my makeup look so much healthier. I don't see this so much as a skincare item, and more as a pre-makeup step. 

Nourishing Cleansing Balm >> I did recently post an Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel rave, which I've used for about a year now, but I received a free Balm Cleanser in a Cult Beauty order after spending a certain amount on Pixi, so I was keen to sit Oskia aside and give this a try. I have to say I loved it, it feels really rich and nourishing when you work it into the skin, but once washed off my skin felt so fresh and clean, while still maintaining moisture. I think it was a really good option for the winter when your skin needs a little more love, and if I'm in the position where I don't want to repurchase the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (it's quite pricey) then this will absolutely be my go-to.

I have used a few other products from Pixi but these have to be my favourites. I think the prices are such a great deal - they aren't the cheapest on the market but are still affordable - everything I've featured here is under £20 and I don't think anything in the skincare range is over £30. I'm excited to try out the Glow Mud Mask and the Glow Mud Cleanser which I bought in this set with the cutest little bottle of Glow Tonic (so I had a travel size!) and I have my eye on pretty much all of their oils/serums and the other mists! 

Let me know what your favourite Pixi products are, I've not been disappointed yet!
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