Saturday 9 January 2016

Winter Accessories

I love A/W fashion. Not only for the clothes, but for the accessories you can bundle up in too. Here are my (accidentally all Topshop) top picks for this year...

The scarf >> It has to be this cobalt blue option. It's absolutely massive and I just love how it sits on me. Obviously it is super cosy, and brightens up my very monochrome wardrobe with its bright blue and yellow streaks, while the white and black ties in with the rest of my outfit.

The hat >> I had to feature a good ol' bobble hat, it wouldn't be winter without it. For cosy days, this off-white knit hat is just the cutest, and I love that the bobble is fluffy rather a knit. It's something that goes with just about any outfit and keeps my head nice and warm of course!

The boots >> (Not the ones featured in the full length outfit photo!) We all know how much I adore my platform Topshop boots, but as they are slowly starting to fall apart (you will be missed, boots) I thought I would pick up another pair. Also from Topshop, they have a smaller heel and are slightly more pointed at the toe. Overall, really comfy and go with absolutely anything in my wardrobe - just lovely!

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