Wednesday 13 January 2016

Music to Cheer You Up

This is a quick post today, I just wanted to share a happy lil' playlist I made recently. I'm an avid mix maker and so it was about time that I compiled all the songs that make me smile or pumped up or think in a more positive way - and here I am sharing it with you lovely people so you can hopefully feel the same way!
It's an eclectic mix to match my tastes and definitely still a work in progress as I add to it as I listen to other albums or playlists. There are definitely some not-so-upbeat songs that are purely there for the happy memories they give me (and some guilty pleasures), but I hope you enjoy nonetheless. Let's start the new year with a smile and a dance, even if it's just wiggling at your desk.

P.S. Some artists feature more than once so I suggest shuffling if you would rather not have the same artist playing three times in a row. Let me know what you think and what your ultimate happy songs are!

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