Tuesday 19 August 2014

Summer Nail Polish

This summer I've been experimenting a little more with my nails, testing the waters with non-pink-hued colours. So, it felt appropriate to share the shades I've been sporting on my nails the past few months. These all happen to be Barry M as I just adore the Gelly Nail Paint formula!

(top - bottom) Mango, Passion Fruit, Green Berry, Blue Grape

Mango is a colour I haven't tried before, but I'm glad I picked it up. It is an eye-catching colour that just screams SUMMER to me. Even the name makes me want to be on holiday, basking in the sunshine. There is, of course, still a pink in there - more of a bright coral, that I love so much. Passion Fruit is not quite neon, but it's heading in that direction. Every time I wear it, I find myself looking at my hands. I'm doing it right now while typing this up.

Green Berry was first used when my mint obsession was full blown, and it's still one of my favourites. While I do love a muted mint shade, this one just pops and gives off a tropical vibe to me. Blue Grape is actually my sister's nail polish (as is Greenberry, shh) but I tried it out one day and was converted. I don't really like blues on my nails as I find they make my pale fingers look a little dead, but for some reason this one is a winner. I think it's because the cobalt colour is so rich.

In summation - I like the brights for the summer, especially with that thick, glossy and long-lasting Gelly Nail Paint formula!
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