Sunday 10 August 2014

Ch-Ch-Changes (In Blogging & Life)

I'm squeezing this post into my regular schedule so I can let you guys hear some good news - I got into university! Exam results in Scotland were sent out on Tuesday morning and I was pleased to see that I met my conditions and will be going to study English & Creative Writing in a month's time (Oh god, that soon?!).

taken at 4:30am after I received my results (I couldn't sleep!)

With this news I've decided to change up the blog schedule a bit. For the past five or so months I've posted every two days, but I'm now going to post every three days instead. August will be a busy month as I'll be preparing to move out, and the following few months will consist of me gaining my footing away from home in what looks to be a demanding course. I adore my blog and want to keep creating quality content so this subtle change will give me a bit more "real life" time while also meaning I still have time to blog successfully.

I may return to every-two-days posting in the future, but for now I think this is the best option for me and my little blog! If you have any post ideas for me (fashion, beauty or lifestyle) or would like to hear more about my preparations for uni, then please let me know!

Also, good luck to anyone waiting to hear about exam results!
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