Thursday 13 February 2014

Review // Garnier Moisture Match Ultra-Hydrating Rich Cream

I have extremely dry skin, and after my favourite moisturiser (First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream) went up in price, I thought I would try a cheaper alternative. Then I spotted Garnier's Moisture Match in type Goodbye Dry, a hydrating rich cream tailored specifically to dry to very dry skin.

The consistency of this moisturiser is really thick which I like as you only need to apply a small amount, and once on the face it sinks in and can be worn under makeup just fine. It can also be slathered on after a face mask and left to sink in itself, which I love doing. The product itself is tinged slightly pink and smells fresh, a bit like cucumbers.

My skin is usually very picky when it comes to mositurisers as they never seem to provide enough moisture and hydration. However, this one does. It says it provides 24 hour hydration which I don't agree with, but it is long lasting and as long as I apply twice a day -once in the morning, once at night- my face rarely feels dry! Perhaps if your skin isn't as dry as mine, the 24 hour moisture would be effective.

Overall I'm really happy with this product. The 50ml tube is already half empty and I've been using this for just over a month, so that is a downside, but at £5.99 a tube I won't mind repurchasing a little more frequently than usual. The Garnier Moisture Match line has moisturisers made specific to different skin types, so hopefully you will be able to find a moisturiser tailored to you! I have not tried any of the other products, but I have only heard good things, and I recommend you check it out.

While I am happy with this product for now, do you have any miracle moisturisers for really dry skin? I'd love to know!
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