Tuesday 4 February 2014

Outfit of the Day // Kitty Cat for College, & A Thank You

Today's outfit consisted of (possibly) my favourite skirt from H&M and (definitely) my favourite boots from Romwe (I've linked, but there are very few left - Romwe tend to restock though!). It also featured a sheer blouse with a studded collar from New Look, an oversized grey jumper from H&M again, and my infinity Kukee bracelet that I just featured in a haul. Honestly, I woke up feeling awful, and this is the kind of outfit I throw on to try and perk myself up! Apologies for the pretty rubbish lighting guys, I was out of the house in the little daylight hours that we have here, so I was trying to rely on my bedroom spotlights.

And, I would like to thank you all. Sunday marked the one month birthday of my blog and I am so grateful for all the followers and pageviews I have gained along the way. Every time I see a new follower or comment or see the stats graph spike a little higher each day it makes me so happy, and I am pleased (and surprised) that people actually seem to enjoy my little blog. 

I have lots of fun blogging and although followers and the like aren't what's important, it really spurs me on to create (what it hopefully) great content for you all. I hope I'll be able to get to know you more too. It's still early days but I just wanted to give everyone a big thanks!
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