Saturday, 1 April 2017

The April Post

March was a special month to me. I've said before that I don't generally care about celebrating my birthday and this year was no different, but as I was turning 21 my family and boyfriend all found ways to make me feel very special. I'm so grateful to all of them, and so I hope my happiness in March will continue through to this month! Here's what I've got on...

3rd year is over >> My final hand in for this year of uni is in two days. I can't believe how quickly these past three years have passed, and how I'm going into my final year after the summer! Now it's time to job hunt (I've just had an interview and have another this week so fingers crossed!) to fill up my very long summer - and holiday plan. Of course, 3rd year ending also means...

Dissertation >> I need to submit my dissertation proposal for 4th year by the 1st May, so this month is going to be full of my racking my brain for ideas. I've got a general idea I want to follow, but I'm struggling to pick books and films to talk about. I kind of just want to take a break from deadline so as soon as I've handed in my work on Monday I am chilling out for a few days - planning will come later!

Breakouts >> Of course, the week I turned 21 I probably had the worst breakouts I've ever had. I've gone back to using La Roche Posay's Effeclar Duo+ and I'm seeing a bit of improvement, but I've also taken it as an opportunity to kick myself into gear and eat healthier. That happiness I mentioned earlier took a bit of a knocking in the middle of the month, so I'm hoping April is the month my skin sorts itself out a bit.

More birthdays >> I've got three other birthdays going on this month. The one I'm most concerned with right now is Liam's birthday, as he's also turning 21. I actually bought his present two weeks ago, so I am so excited to finally give it to him! I know he'll love it - I just need to find a little something extra to spoil him with...

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  1. Glad you had a good March, hope your April is just as exciting.


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