Monday 10 April 2017

Detoxing Mask Loves

Recently my skin has been a bit of a nightmare with blemishes, so I've been grabbing some clay masks rather than my usual hydrating ones. I've tried out a few, but these two have to be my favourites and the most effective of the bunch...

First is the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask. This is a clay mask but instead of drying like cement and cracking all over your face, it allows you to still move your face a little, and removes super easily with warm water. I just love how it pulls all the impurities out and leaves my face feeling refreshed without feeling tight or dry. If I feel one of those under the skin spots coming on, I apply this and I actually notice a difference! It's definitely worth the money in my eyes - my first tube lasted for ever and now I'm onto my second. 

And second is Pixi's Glow Mud Mask. I only have an itty bitty size as I bought it in the Best of Bright Kit, but I already know I'll be repurchasing the full size when I run out. It seems like that won't be too soon, though - I've used it a bunch of times and a little goes a long way! I find that this mask does essentially the same as my previous Aesop option, but with the added benefit of making my skin much glowier after use. Not only does it reduce blemishes but it exfoliates away the dead skin and (at least it seems to me) stops my spots from scarring so badly. It also feels really soft on the skin, and turns you into the moon face emoji for 15 minutes. 

I tend to use the Aesop when my skin is feeling congested, but the Pixi when I want it looking healthier or if I know I need a good skin day the next day, which usually results in me alternating uses. As with pretty much all face masks, I apply them with a flat foundation brush so I get an even coverage over my face and for less mess!

What are your favourite detoxifying masks?
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