Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Clothing Rack

Did anyone else start singing Rack City in their heads? Just me? Okay. Today I thought I'd introduce you to this corner of my room, where I keep this clothing rail. University halls aren't huge and so I (rightly) guessed that I would need to bring some extra storage for my wardrobe. Not wanting to put clothes in boxes, I opted for this rack from Home Bargains.

This is my first stop for the clothes I wear to death or want to wear more - anything I want to adorn over the next few weeks or so, I stick here, and pick and choose from there. My wardrobe is predominantly black, grey, white and blue so there really isn't a huge variety of colours here but hey, they all compliment each other!

I plan on doing more in-depth "What's On My Rack" (heh, heh) posts per season, so if all goes to plan you should be seeing one soon!


  1. Sounds good! You look like you have pretty interesting pieces here. I always fall back to those colors too when I'm clothes shopping - they're just so much easier to wear.

    x beauty, style, life | bespectacled

  2. You have some really beautiful clothes, the rack looks so handy! Can't wait to reach your 'What's on my rack' post haha :)

    Mia xx


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