Friday 9 March 2018

22 Things You May Not Know About Me

Today is my birthday! I'm turning the grand old age of 22. I've said before that I'm not big on my birthday, it's something that I like to acknowledge, but I'm not one to throw a huge party. For example, today I'm working on my dissertation and watching I, Tonya, which is good enough for me! For my 19th birthday I wrote a post titled 19 Things I Learned Before Turning 19, and I wanted to do something similar. However, instead of telling you more things I've learned since - believe me, there is surprisingly a lot and that may fuel a blog post for another day - I thought I'd tell you more about me. We all know my tastes around here, but here are 22 things that you may not have been aware of before...

1. For the past few years I've secretly wished I could have been born a day earlier. As I'm sure so many of you know, the 8th of March is International Women's Day - a day I love because it's full of support and empowerment. It would be so cool to share my birthday with such a special day! But the 9th is fine too, I guess.

2. Whenever I'm asked my favourite film I say that Ferris Bueller's Day Off is my normal answer, and Donnie Darko is my weird answer. Actually, I have too many favourites to count because I'm one of those people who has lots of emotional ties to films.

3. The most consistent celebrity crush I've had has been Jake Gyllenhaal. Loved him since I was about 12, and I'm always so in awe of his acting and what films he chooses to be a part of.

4. Currently digging Timothee Chalamet though. That's an actor to watch, he's going to have a big career, I tell ya. Also he's pretty.

5. I want to live alone once I'm through with uni but I'm terrified I'm going to isolate myself.

6. Cornwall holds a special place in my heart. I used to be obsessed with the Merrymaid of Zennor tale, as well as fairies, pixies and the ghost stories written by Michael Morpurgo. My family used to go on our summer holidays there every second year but we haven't gone in so long and I miss it!

7. If I were ever to have plastic surgery, I'd get a breast reduction.

8. I was once measured as exactly 5ft but I think I'm actually 4'11. It's easier to say 5ft though isn't it.

9. I'm the kind of person who always gives out recommendations for films, TV shows, books, music. Mostly because I like having someone to talk to about those things, but also because I just love sharing the love.

10. I normally listen to podcasts to get to sleep.

11. My most popular post is one I made in my first few months of blogging, where I do a tutorial for a hairstyle worn by Lydia in Teen Wolf

12. I actually like squats.
13. I'm not a very good cook, but I make a pretty great spaghetti carbonara.

14. I'm currently undertaking a dissertation all about the hard-boiled hero and femme fatale relationship throughout the literary years. Even though the word count is hefty, I'm actually really loving it.

15. One of my favourite books with one of my favourite quotes ever is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens - "You have been in every line I have ever read."

16. I pretty much wear the same three nail polishes on rotation.

17. By the time I finish my post-grad, I'll have moved six times in five years. I have learned that I hate packing, unpacking, and whole moving process with all my being.

18. I have a Winnie the Pooh bear that's been with me since I was a year old. He barely resembles Pooh, his arms have been stitched back on multiple times, and his fur is falling out. Can't get rid though, obviously. He's seen too much.

19. I really want a ragdoll kitten. So much. I genuinely think I'd be a much happier person with unconditional love and something to dote on! Having to wait until I'm in a more permanent (ish, at least) place is torturous.

20. It's a year away, but I'm already planning for next year's Oscars. I've always wanted to host a viewing party complete with predicting the winners and giving out my own awards, and I regretted so much not doing it this year after seeing Demi Adejuyigbe's party. 2019, it's going to happen. Let's just hope there's good films out.

21. I never used to be a Shoe or Bag Person but they're all I lust after these days. All I want is brightly coloured shoes and bags. Thankfully I've shown a lot of restraint, but the want is very strong.

22. One of my favourite songs (again, there are too many to choose a favourite) is Between the Bars by Elliott Smith
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