Thursday 8 February 2018

The Palette I'm Picking Up Every Day

Charlotte Tilbury is one of those dreamy brands. I find myself browsing the website weekly, lusting after all the products. The only thing is, I find it really hard to make a decision. What lipstick shade do I want? What one of those eyeshadow quads is the most me? Are the face masks really worth the price? Then came along the Instant Look in a Palette. After a while of deliberating over what colourway to go for (you never make it easy, Tilbury) I finally bought it, and I'm pretty besotted...

It's the ultimate product for those who are indecisive with what products to give a shot. I've only ever tried her lip liners and lipsticks, an eyeshadow stick, and a handful of samples of skincare/base products, so it's the perfect way for me to try out essentially four of her powder products. I went for the Beauty Glow shade, which seems to lead the rosiest of the bunch - although is still very neutral. The eyeshadow colours are perfect for whacking over the lid, while the highlighter, bronzer and blushes are so lovely and natural.

To break things down a little, let's talk eyeshadows. I love 'em. You'll notice that Charlotte Tilbury has embossed each product with numbers - obviously you don't have to stick to that order but it's nice that she's given a little guide for those unsure on applying makeup. I'll be honest, I do kind of stick to the order, using the Brighten shade all over my lid, Enhance on the mobile lid, and then Smoke in the crease and on the lower lashline, and I'll use it as a liner too. Of course, sometimes I just go for the Brighten or Enhance shades on their own for a more natural look, or Smoke all over the eye for a simple warm brown look. As much as I adore larger eyeshadow palettes, I basically always use 1-3 shadows at a time so it's nice having the very essentials in one place! As well as them being buttery soft, I've found that they last so well. My eyeshadow often creases (even though I use a primer) because I have hooded lids, but these have genuinely never budged.

The face products are a total dream too, and something I wasn't actually sure I'd love. I've been using cream/liquid bronzers and highlighters for a good while now, but I had the urge to try powders again and these were definitely the best choice to begin with. The Highlight is so gorgeous - the glow is 100% there but in such a natural way, and doesn't lean either too warm or too cool. And, the Bronze is perfect for my skin. I'm somewhere between fair and light (depends if I've fake tanned or not) and it's a super natural sun-kissed look I get from this. The blushes I was sceptical about, as I normally gravitate towards a more natural mauve tone, but they really are gorgeous on. I follow the guide, swishing my brush (very lightly!) in the top Swish shade and doing so over my cheeks, and then popping the lower Pop one on the very apples of my cheeks.

I spoke to a woman at the Charlotte Tilbury stand in Glasgow and she was telling me that Charlotte's products, although pigmented, are formulated so that your own skin shows through a little, meaning the colours will adapt to you. It's why I think I've got on so well with the face products! I will say though, you can see that the embossing on the bronzer is already almost gone which I assume means I'll run out of it before the rest of the palette. It's a little bit annoying, but I believe the bronzer in the infamous Filmstar Bronze & Glow is very similar (if not the same?) so I'd be happy to purchase that if I need to in the future.

I know this was a bit of a rave, but every time I've done my makeup since mid January, when I purchased this, I've used it every time! The little tagline for the palette is 'a 5 minute face on the go' and I'd say that's accurate - it's great having most of your makeup products in one place, especially early in the morning. It's the perfect size for popping in a makeup bag too, complete with a huge mirror which is a lovely addition.

Let me know your favourite Charlotte Tilbury products! I'm still debating over about five lipsticks, so I'd love recommendations. Have you tried the Instant Look in a Palette? 
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