Wednesday 4 October 2017

The October Post

A few days late, but who's counting? For once, I'm really stuck while writing this post. Normally I give a quick overview of the previous month, and talk about my goals for the month to come, and it's all fine and dandy. But in September I went through a breakup and started my final year of uni within five days, signed up for a bunch of uni events I never normally would, and had a mighty cold for a good week+ of it. I've just been in a strange mood between pushing myself to make this year great, and wallowing in self pity because a massive chunk of my life is now gone. But anyway, I do have plans for this month, so here's what I've got on...

Amsterdam >> My uni bestie and I are jetting off to Amsterdam for a few days, a place I've never been before. We don't have any touristy plans, we're simply going to go and be classic English Lit students and sit in cafes and bars and write our lil' hearts out. Or that's the plan anyway. I think it'll be amazing to have a break, and it's good for me to do spontaneous things everyone once in a while!

Writing >> My last ever Creative Writing folio is due at the end of November so this month is when I start. I'm still struggling with my concept but I finally have a rough idea of what direction I'm going in, and I'm actually really excited to crack on with it. And of course, I've still got the blog and the magazine to write for too - I can't say I've not got a passion. I'm currently writing a piece for the Arts and Entertainment section of the Magdalen about my love of film, which is really exciting as it's something I've never really done before!

Projects >> In a similar vein, I've got a fun project for uni coming up soon. Dundee Uni is hosting the main Being Human event this year based on Gulliver's Travels so I'm hoping to help out with writing a pantomime based on the many worlds he travels to! It's being led by one of my favourite tutors so I couldn't resist, and I'm pretty excited to try writing for stage for the first time ever. It's going to be a month of firsts, and I for one can't wait.
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