Thursday 23 February 2017

Worth the Hype? Oskia's Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Oh you bet I fell for the hype with this one. The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is raved about all over the internet, and it was something I always longed for but passed up due to the price - nearly £30 is a lot for a cleanser. However I've got to say, it is totally worth the money. Onto the rave...
Of course I had to use a Lily Pebbles cover - she turned me onto this cleanser!

I always remove my makeup with a micellar water before cleansing my face so I can't say much about makeup removal per say, but this cleanser definitely removes the last traces of my makeup and cleanses my face in such a gentle yet effective way. Morning and night I massage the gel over my face and it breaks down to an oil which smells amazing - and then wash it all off with a damp face cloth. Done!

I've used lots of cleansers that remove makeup and dirt just as well, but the selling point for me here is how it makes my skin look and feel afterwards. I find that my skin just looks so healthy and glowy, and it feels smooth and plumped as well. On especially lackluster days I follow a tip shared on Oskia's Instagram - they suggested letting the cleanser sit on your face for a few minutes like a face mask before properly cleansing. I rub it over my skin, let it sit for about five minutes while I faff about, then remove it as usual and it leaves my skin feeling amazingly hydrated. I definitely recommend giving this a shot if you haven't already.

So yes, I'm such a convert. I've repurchased it twice now, and I can honestly say I'll keep doing so. It's pricey for those used to drugstore prices, sure, but I think it's worth it for the effect it has made on my skin in the long run - even though I actually saw a difference straight away!
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