Tuesday 28 June 2016

Summer Base Loves

It's time for a run down of the base products that I'm using this summer. I'll be honest, I don't switch up my base makeup between seasons much anyway, but these are all relatively new buys which I find are perfect for that healthy skin look that we all crave when the weather is nice(r).

To prime I've been using Becca's Backlight Priming Filter, a deluxe sample size from Anna and Lily's collaboration with Cult Beauty. It creates such glowy skin and makes any base on top look so much prettier. It's great for that healthy summer glow right now, but I can see it being a great addition in the winter or on those days when my skin is looking a little lackluster. Almost annoyingly, I'm definitely going to have to buy the full size once I've used this mini one up!

I've been loving the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream as a base, I find it's really perfecting in a very natural way - it won't cover everything but it creates a lovely, lightweight base that feels comfortable throughout the day. For those areas that it doesn't cover, I use Urban Decay's Naked Skin Weightless Concealer. This is also so lightweight for a concealer, but it has amazing coverage and blends so easily.

Lastly comes a setting spray in the form of another Urban Decay number, the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. I love using this after applying all of my makeup as I find it meshes everything together to make it all look so much more natural. It also makes my makeup last so much longer, something I'm definitely thinking about as I'll be heading to Cape Cod in a few days! It will be coming on my travels with me for sure.
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