Saturday 6 September 2014

The Transitional Boot

Another pair of black chunky heeled boots, Emily? Really? - I have no excuses except that I saw a £10 off discount code and all of a sudden an order was placed.

When I got these Heelberry ankle boots I actually seriously considered sending them back. They just felt so weird. I'm still not sure what it was but I'm thinking it's the fact that the wide ankle and heel cut-out don't supply much support. Anyway, after wearing them around the house for a full day and some encouraging words from Heelberry on Instagram, I wore them out for a day of shopping and cocktails - and boy, was I sold.

All of my preconceptions about these ankle boots quickly melted away as I realised how freaking comfy these are to walk about in. The insoles are cushioned and paired with the platform sole we all know I love, these are a winner. They also go with everything as they are black and can be dressed up or down, yada yada...

I think these will be a great transitional pair for Autumn as, despite being a boot, they are lightweight and airy. They also look really cute with socks peeking through and don't look odd with tights at all. Let me know what you think of these boots!
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